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Who We Are
Starting in 1989, Khan Home Improvement has taken the initiative to create the best construction company possible, from providing great customer service to completing projects to the utmost of customer satisfaction.  We have over 30 years of experience in many fields of construction and perform a variety of sidewalk repair jobs. 

Khan Home Improvement is licensed by Department of Consumer Affairs of New York City and New Jersey. We are also fully insured by Workers' Compensation Liability and Disability Insurance.  Our main areas of service include Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens in New York City, New York.
Sidewalk Repair Brooklyn, NYC 
Have a crooked or broken sidewalk you need to take care of? Or have you recieved a ticket for not having your sidewalk fixed? Do you need a sidewalk violation removed? We can take care of it! Don't worry, we understand it's a burden to get ticketed for something out of your control, but we definitely can help you with it. Our company will help make the process easy, from obtaining a sidewalk permit to completing the job. There are important steps in making sure the sidewalk is built correctly, and you want to make sure you hire the right company that will do it properly so you don't have problems with your sidewalk year after year. You want to make sure the sidewalk stays in good condition for long as possible so that way your money is saved. Going for the cheapest contractor will not help you; try to find a reliable and professional company that will in a way save you money in the long run, even if the price requires a little more expense. Think of saving money in the long run instead of short term, that way you really obtain what you need. 
Sidewalk Repair Services Offered
  • Complete Sidewalk Repairs
  • Complete Sidewalk Redo
  • Sidewalk/Driveway Installation
  • Driveway Repairs
  • Custom Sidewalk Repairs
  • Sidewalk Re-leveling
and much, much more.