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Welcome! If you were searching for masonry contractors in Brooklyn, NY, look no further - we are masonry contractors at your service! With a team of professional contractors and a reputation of being honest and trustworthy who will get the job done on time, we hope you consider us for your next home project! Read on to find out more of what we have to offer! With over 30 years of experience, as well as being fully licensed and insured, we take the initiative to try to create based on the best of consumer interests.
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Khan Home Improvement has been established since 1989 and has gone through various name changes until settling for one that describes us the most - we are a home improvement service company serving the greater New York City area. By having worked at many projects within Brooklyn, our company has grown to be one of the most trustable and highly experienced masonry contractors in Brooklyn, NY. We strive to perfect our course of work with passion, as well as bring joy to consumers by putting emphasis on their interests in works we do. Often, people look for masonry contractors near them, and we can assure you, we're near enough for those searching masonry contractors near me in Brooklyn, NY, that we'll get the job faster than the speed of lightning! Ask any of our previous customers or read their reviews regarding this company (we promise you they are all 100% real. We do not believe in fooling our customers.)
As professional masonry contractors in Brooklyn, NY, we offer many of the following services, but not only limited to:
  • Exterior Masonry Work
  • Cement Stucco
  • Thorocoat¬†
  • Thoroseal
  • Coping Stone
  • Brownstone Repair/Replacement
  • Sidewalk Repair/Replacement
  • Brick Pointing
  • Steps Repair/Installation
  • Stoop Repair
  • General Brick Work
  • Backyard Remodeling
  • Driveway Repair/Installation
  • Waterproofing Services
  • Sandblocking
and much, much more!
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