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Co-op/Condo Renovation​​

Co-op/Condo Renovation

With over 30 years of experience, Khan Home Improvement has set the standards for innovative techniques and precise construction works in the construction industry. We are fully licensed by Department of Consumer Affairs of New York and New Jersey. We also are insured by Worker's Compensation Liability & Disability Insurance.

Who We Are

A Start of Renovating a Coop/Condo...

When looking for top notch co-op/condo renovation contractor, consider the value of the workmanship and professionalism a contractor exhibits. As one of the leading construction companies in New York City, we have mastered in the arts of kitchen renovation and bathroom remodeling to complete home renovation that exceeded our customer's expectations. We also exhibit trustworthiness to allow our customers to be comfortable with our work and help make the home project a hassle-free enjoyable experience.

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Services We Offer

We provide variety of services in the greater New York City area including Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Services we offer but are not limited to:
  • Interior Co-op and Condo Renovation
  • Interior Co-op and Condo Remodeling
  • Full Kitchen/Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling
    • Kitchen/Bathroom Cabinet Installation
    • Kitchen Countertop Installation
    • Kitchen Backsplash Tiling Installation
    • Kitchen/Bathroom Faucets Installation
    • Bathroom Toilet Replacement/Installation
    • Bathroom Shower Body Replacement/Installation
    • All kinds of Flooring and Tile Work
    • Microwave Installation
    • Dishwasher Installation
    • Necessary Electrical Works
    • Necessary Plumbing Works
           and much, much more!