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Brick Tuckpointing Brooklyn NY ​​​​

New York City over time has been built with differing cultures blending into one. Among different cultures introduced, housing forms have also made an impact in building New York City, and a predominant form that still have made a lasting presense till the modern times include the brick-made buildings. Brick houses are a common sight throughout New York City, and are convenient, as well as long lasting. But if you don't mantain it every once in a while, you could suffer from potential damages; in fact, not taking care of it leads to the building collasping due to mold and moisture that builds up in the mortar. It might not seem so obvious in the beginning, but one you spot something that needs a fix, we recommend you getting it fixed right then instead of laying it off, which inevitably increases the problem. The bricks are joined together through a process called tuckpointing, also known as brick pointing. Tuck pointing needs certain measures in order for it to be long-lasting. Not just anyone can do it; it requires a skilled person to do it right.
And that's where Khan Home Improvement comes in.
Khan Home Improvement, with over 30 years of experience has established a place as a trustworthy and professional construction company that New York City needs. While being licensed and fully insred, we take the time to investigate the course of job thoroughly to eliminate out possibilities of errors. Our authenticity is proven by being a legitimate company enrolled with New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, and we do not use another's company's insurance or license to carry out out business. We are very meticulous with performing the job in a correct way and on time, and we adhere to customer's request for those who know exactly what they want to do. If you are one of the customers who are unsure of the exact procees of what's needed to be done or need help in a job, we'll be more than accommodating to guide you and show you options possible, and let you make final decision according to what you think is best for you.