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If you've landed on this page, chances are you are looking for a professional Home Renovation & Restoration contractor to complete your next home project. Yes? We present you:
 Khan Home Improvement 
As a company with over 30 years of experience, Khan Home Improvement have proven to be one of the best construction companies in New York City. NYC will never cease to create game-changing projects that will endlessly progress the city into the modern era. New marvelous buildings are constantly being built in New York City, adding to the cornerstone of what New York City is made of. Humbly speaking, our company has contributed to the new aesthetic appeals of the city by working on both exterior and interior home projects throughout New York City. We strive to outperform the standard services to bring our customers to complete satisfaction. By being fully licensed and insured, we can guarantee you a hassle-free experience towards completing your next home/office improvement project.
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A Little About Us...
Why You Should Choose Us...

Khan Home Improvement has been established since 1989, leaving us with over 30 years of experience. Along our journey, we have aquired the skills and craftsmanship needed to exceed customer's expectations; With every project we have completed over the years, we ensure that each and every customer is fully satisfied. We aim to continue this practice for years to come.

It is good to note that we are licensed by Department of Consumer Affairs of New York City and New Jersey; We are also lead-safe certified by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygeine, Lead Safety for Remodeling, Repair, & Painting Work in Construction, and fully insured by Workers Compensation Liability & Disability Insurance.​​

Our company has been involved with many types of general restoration construction, such as complete interior home remodeling, Home repair, Co-op and Condo apartment renovation, kitchen renovation, bathroom remodeling, tile installation, exterior brick pointing, cement resufacing, stucco repair, brick work, building restoration, stoop repair, brownstone facde restoration, masonry construction, Best roofing contractor Brooklyn, Roof repair services,and  many more. Our main areas of workplace are in Brooklyn, Queens, NYC Manhattan, New York City,  We put our best in each and every service, succeeding to outpeform our clients' expectations.​​

 We have noted that many clients look for really affordable prices when they ask for estimates from contractors. We understand that it is about saving the money; that's why we utilize the client’s standpoint and budget to give the best and fair price possible. Our aim is to provide the best affordable prices without jeopardizing the quality of our services.

Being licensed and insured, we have also noted that some customers have previously hired inexperienced, non-insured, or unlicensed contractors, and have suffered from money loss for unfinished jobs. Your best bet is to spend a little more money than the cheapest price available. Why? This will ensure the knowledge that the contractor you hired is licensed and fully insured with a peace of mind, and that you won’t have to worry about anything being illegal. Keep in mind that if you do hire an illegal contractor, you may not have flaw-proof work, and if they were to damage your house in any way, you may not be able to take legal action against them because they were illegal to begin with.​​​ These are some things you should note while picking a construction company to fulfill your place's needs.


We Can Help You!

As being a reputable construction company, we'd like to keep an honest and be upfront with how the construction companies work. We'll keep this short and real. One thing that will allow you to trust us more is that we have our own license and insurance. Why is this important? There have been many cases where the contractors in NYC are licensed but don't hold their own insurance. How is it possible that they can do work legally? Most often than not, the companies reap benefits off each other, such that one company "borrows" the insurance from another company to help make the job legal. Now the main thing to look out for is: if something were to happen, who would be liable? You wouldn't be able to press charges on that specific contractor because the insurance was not in his name when he did the job. The same goes for non-licensed contractors. So, we advise you to do a background research so you know exactly who you are hiring.
By offering multitude of services, it's best to be clear cut in what we can do. If a case were to arise that the scope of construction work cannot be done the way the customer wants it do to structural problems or something else, we try our best to provide the closest alternatives in which a customer can choose and be satisfied with. Otherwise, we do also let customers figure out what alternatives they want before bringing it up to us. It's that simple and easy.
Our scope of works include some of the many works we do listed below, and many more are to come soon. Click on the links to get a more information on what we can do for each one!
 Our Services Includes:
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​Brooklyn, NY
We're ready to assist you at any moment! Please leave your message in the form below, we will contact you as soon as possible. Note that priority is given to phone calls, so if you have an emergency, contact at the phone number provided. 
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